Phlebectomy or mini-phlebectomy is a minimally-invasive treatment approach for the modern therapy of varicose veins of the superficial venous system.

With phlebectomy, a vein specialist eliminates superficial varicose veins with the help of hooks. Instead of an open operation with high risks, the so-called hook method represents a minimally-invasive procedure. Hence they are also called micro-surgical phlebectomy or mini-phlebectomy. The surgeon penetrates into the affected vein via small incisions in the form of puncture incisions with a maximum length of two millimetres. With the help of hook-shaped instruments, the surgeon then pulls the vein from the body and permanently removes the pathologically changed blood vessels from the tissue. Mini-phlebectomy removes special lateral branch varices in the sense of pathological expansions of the lateral branches of saphenous veins from the superficial venous system.

Mini-phlebectomy is a standard procedure and is fundamentally deemed to be a low-risk treatment of lateral branch varicosis.

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