Duplex sonography

The Venacare centres offer holistic vein clarification with the latest available equipment. For years, our specialist doctors and in particular Dr. med. Maurizio Camurati have specialised in the examination and treatment of varicose veins and he was one of the first users to receive the certificate of qualification for endovenous thermal ablation of saphenous veins.

In addition, Dr. med. Maurizio Camurati also has many years' experience in ultrasonic diagnostics and in progress monitoring of venous diseases.

Thorough clarification of venous diseases is no longer conceivable without colour-coded duplex sonography (ultrasonic diagnostics). Using ultrasound, the affected vein sections along with expansion and stages of the disease can be examined, the valve function and the direction of blood flow can be represented and also therapeutic success after treatment can be checked.

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