Crural ulcer (open legs, venous ulcer)

The term crural ulcer designates a crural ulcer ("open leg") that occurs as a result of an advanced venous disorder.
The ulcer can usually be found in the lower third of the lower leg. Ultimately, the particularly high blood pressure in the veins in this area associated with the venous disorder is responsible for its occurrence. The crural ulcer represents the most severe form of chronic venous insufficiency. At the same time, with 57 to 80 % of all chronic ulceration, depending on the study, it is the most frequent cause of all non-spontaneously healing wounds of the lower leg. Women are more frequently affected by crural ulcers than men. Crural ulcers seldom occur before the age of 40. Above the age of 80, the frequency increases to about one to over three per cent, according to several studies. About 80 % to 90 % of all ulcers are deemed to be venous and about 10 % can be attributed to arterial circulatory disorders.
The treatment is primarily aligned towards reducing the blockage (pressure and volume overloading) in the venous system by treating the varicose veins so that the wounds can heal again.

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