Venous thrombosis (DVT)

A thrombosis is the complete or partial closure of deep veins due to blood clots. In the acute stage, thromboses can cause pronounced symptoms – these can extend from low to distinct amounts of pain, frequently accompanied by leg swelling and a feeling of tension.
The blood clots tend to grow and to cover increasingly large proportions of the venous blood stream. However, the most dangerous complication of acute thrombosis is undoubtedly the lung embolism (LE). Here, a more or less large blood clot detaches from the blocked vein and is transported by the blood stream through the heart into the lung.

Venous thromboses represent a medical emergency and should be immediately examined by a specialist. All relevant vessel segments in the leg and, in part, also in the pelvic area can be investigated via duplex ultrasound and compression sonography and checked for normal throughput. If necessary or in special situations, the investigation can be repeated at any time and thus preclude progress of the thrombosis.

This suspected diagnosis is regularly checked in the Venacare centres and therapy is immediately initiated, also in collaboration with other specialists where required.

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