Thermal procedures

The clinical picture of saphenous varicosis is a frequent medical problem with a prevalence of 15-20 % and its treatment is socio-economically important. Certification of the new endovenous processes for settlement at the expense of the normal healthcare insurance (Ordentliche Krankenpflegeversicherung, OKP) is therefore contingent upon strict requirements relating to the implementation of this therapy being made with respect to quality and also assuring patient safety.

The certificate of qualification "Endovenous thermal ablation of saphenous veins in the case of varicosis" requires special knowledge from the attending doctor in phlebology (vein care), in venous vessel ultrasound (duplex sonography of the veins) and in catheter-technical interventions and/or vascular surgical interventions.

The certificate of qualification is issued by the Union of Vascular Societies of Switzerland. Currently, the endovenous thermal procedures include endoluminal laser therapy and endoluminal radio wave therapy, the efficacy of which has also been adequately scientifically verified in comparison with existing procedures.

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