Adhesive procedures

VenaSeal® Sapheon Closure System

In contrast to the previously common methods, with the VenaSealâ„¢ procedure the diseased saphenous vein is not removed or sealed by heat, but rather directly adhered in a gentle manner via a thin catheter. This reduces the risk of injuries to the skin or accompanying nerves, and no scars remain. The varicose vein that is adhered in this manner remains in the leg and is entirely decomposed over the course of the next few weeks and months or is transformed into a thin, imperceptible scar strand.

Cyanoacrylate adhesives have been used as a tissue adhesive in medicine since the start of the 1960s, and since the start of the 1980s in a similar formulation to seal bulged expansions of brain arteries.

The latest treatment technology for saphenous varicosis is not yet covered by health insurance and must be paid for by the patient themselves.

The catheter is inserted at the correct location by means of ultrasound

B: The adhesive is placed in the vein

C: The vein is sealed so that it can adhere with gentle pressure from outside

D: This procedure is repeated at different locations and the catheter can then be removed.

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